Bed Bugs and How to Remove Them

When we hear the word “bed bugs”, it definitely elicits an “Ewwww” response. Bed Bugs have increased their rate of infiltration in recent years. We as humans are their transport. They not only hitch a ride from us, but also via luggage and personal belongings. They are difficult to prevent, but we at De/Soto Exterminating can help to get rid of them. Let’s get educated!

First of all, bed bugs are big enough to see unless freshly hatched. They turn a reddish color after feeding on our blood. The “black spots” are their feces (our blood). THEY DO NOT TRANSFER DISEASES! They are not the sign of unclean living. Discovering bed bugs does not mean that you are infested.

There are many types of treatments. Every pest control professional has a method that they believe works and most are effective. For large infestations we utilize a green chemical that allows for treatment of all areas without risk of exposure to harsh chemicals. For smaller infestations we have the proven insecticides that are most effective where Bed Bugs hide. This normally requires follow up service. Heat is a great way to kill bed bugs but not everything can be treated with heat hot enough to kill bed bugs and not cause any damage to personal property.

Before treatment occurs you will need to launder any clothes, bedding, linens etc. in high heat in both the washer and the dryer. This ensures that the live bugs have been completely eliminated with no residual eggs. We recommend vacuuming 3 times a day for 7 days to remove any eggs that may be left in the carpet. We suggest using a vacuum that can be left outside and eventually thrown out.

If you find that you may have been infested with bed bugs, call us for an inspection today. $55 per inspection, which goes towards the price of treatment if you choose the experts at De/Soto Exterminating.